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"Circus Cazabon"

Circus Books!!

Here is a list of children's books all about the Circus:

The 12 Circus Rings - Seymour Chwast   (click here for hard cover)

Circus - Charles Sullivan

A Day in the Life of a Circus Clown - Carol Gaskin

The Nock Family Circus - Celestino Piatti and Ursula Huber

Peter Spier's Circus - Peter Spier

The Midnight Circus - Peter Collington

The Big Show - A History of the Circus - Felix Sutton

Zorina Ballerina - Enzo Giannini

Babar's Little Circus Star - Laurent de Brunhoff

The Circus - Heidi Goennel

Circus - Jack Prelutsky

Dumbo - Walt Disney

If I Ran The Circus

Circus Days

Little Big Ears

The Big Parade - Karen M. Hefty - a Create - A - Book

Owl Magazine - May 1997 Issue

Ida The Bareback Rider - Syd Hoff

Simon At The Circus - Gilles Tibo (hard cover click here)  (paperback click here)

Thomas The Circus Boy - David Merveille

Circus Girl - Michael Garland

Circus Fun - Margaret Hillert

Circus Fun - Cheryl Jakab and David Keystone

A Most Memorable Birthday - Welleral Poltarnees

Engelbert Joins The Circus - Tom Paxton

And here is some cool Circus software too:

The 12 Circus Rings Software From Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey based on the book by Seymour Chwast

If you're interested in reading any of these book, we're happy to be an associate of Amazon Books.  The books listed below may be available from Amazon Book or through their network of used book stores.  Simply click on the book name and you'll be transferred to Amazon's web site and a listing for the book.

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