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I like elephants. I've even been able to ride a couple of them.

This page is a collection of elephant facts, photos, and links that I've found.

This is a picture of an African Elephant from the Toronto Zoo, September 1994.


Fall 1997 - Erie County Fair.

African Lion Safari - 1994.

If you can't ride a real elephant, you can always play with some Playmobile Elephants instead. (Check out the official Playmobile Site too.)

My favorite toys are my Playmobile... in fact, we even have a Playmobile room in my house. (The next time I have the room cleaned up I'll take a picture of it and show you.)

Here is a place that you MUST visit.  The folks at the Elephant Sanctuary have a great program to help aging elephants.  Click here to visit their site.


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