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Hi, My Name is Zach Cazabon.

I am 10 years old.  I love to do Gymnastics!  I train at the gym five days a week.  My coach is Steve Gowland. I like competing in gymnastics.  This year is a very exciting year for me as I am competing national level for the very first time.

 Here is a list of the competitions I've been to, and ones I'll be at this year:

Date Competition Place Event
April 5, 1997 Recreational Ribbon Day Gymnastics Energy Floor - 1st

All Around -1st

April 10, 1997 Niagara County Elementary School Boys Beamsville Secondary School Floor- 14 of 55
April 15, 1997 (?) S.C.Q.V.A.M.M. Gymnastics Competition St. Catharines Collegiate Floor - 1st
January 17, 1998 6th Annual Gymnastics Energy International Invitational White Oaks,

Niagara - On - The - Lake, Ontario

Floor - 1st,

Mini-tramp - 5th,

Parallel Bars - 4th,

Rings - 6th,

High Bar - 7th,

March 29, 1998 Gymnastics Mississauga's John Nooney Pre-Competitive Meet Mississauga, Ontario High Bar - 7th
April 9, 1998 Niagara County Elementary School Boys Beamsville Secondary School Vault - 3rd

Floor - 1st

April 17, 1998 S.C.Q.V.A.M.M. Gymnastics Competition - Competed at Club Level St. Catharines Collegiate Vault - 1st

Floor - 1st

May 22, 1998 International Salmon Cup Fredericton, NewBrunswick Parallel Bars - 1st,

Vault - 4th,

Floor - 2nd,

High Bar - 2nd,

Rings - 1st,

Pommel Horse - 1st,

All Around- 1st

June 27, 1998 Internation Freedom Festival Invitational Windsor, Ontario Floor - 2nd,

Vault - 4th

December 5, 1998 Provincial Super Qualifier 1 (Futures Gym Club) Mississauga, Ontario 19th Overall
January 30, 1999 Provincial Super Qualifier 2 North Bay, Ontario 20th Overall
March 6-7, 1999 Provincial Super Qualifier 3 Windsor, Ontario Pommel House - 6th,

Parallel Bars - 5th,

7th Overall

April 17, 1999 Provincial Finals - 1998/99 (Mississauga Gym Club) Mississauga, Ontario 43rd Overall
December 11, 1999 Provincial Super Qualifier 1 (Futures Gym Club) Mississauga, Ontario Floor - 10th

Pommel Horse - 5th

Rings - 9th

Vault - 7th

Parallel Bars - 4th

High Bar - 1st

6th Overall

January 15, 2000 Provincial Super Qualifier 2 (Burlington B. G.'s) Burlington, Ontario Floor - 6th

Pommel Horse - 8th

Rings - 5th

Vault - 11th

Parallel Bars - 5th

High Bar - 8th

8th Overall

March 25, 2000 Provincial Super Qualifier 3 (Vaughan Gymnastics Club) Vaughan, Ontario Floor - 2nd

Pommel Horse - 6th

Rings - 6th

Vault - 8th

Parallel Bars - 2nd

High Bar - 4th

4th Overall

April 15, 2000 Provincial Finals - 1999 / 2000 North Bay, Ontario 27th Place Overall
January 26, 2001 First National Qualifier Kitchener, Ontario Parallel Bars - 2nd

4th Overall

March 23, 2001 Second National Qualifier Woodstock, Ontario  
April 20, 2001 Third National Qualifier North Bay, Ontario  

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